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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we're talking about the area year "g" street. this is what happened and what we know. the big rig on the right-hand side of your tv apparently caught fire as it collided with a car, not clear at this point if anyone was injured. one lane did reopen around 5:30 but the other lane is still complete hi shut down as police and fire continue their investigation. we'll continue to monitor the situation. new at 6:00, the search for a missing boy. investigators on the peninsula say they need your help. they're looking for the 11-year-old. he was last seen friday on east market street. now he is described as being 5 feet tall weighing 80 pounds, black hair and as you can see brown eyes. he was last wearing a long-sleeved yellow shirt and blue sweatpants. right now police say they don't suspect any foul play. they're saying he's not a runaway either so it's a confusing case. the election is over, but for the republican party, the
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second-guessing has just begun. some republicans feel they need to overhaul their party just to stay competitive. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in walnut creek tonight. jodi, this is a pivotal time. what are some of the options that you know of? >> reporter: that's the big question, raj, where to go from here. i'm standing in front of campaign headquarters for republicans. last week it was bustling with activity and with hope. tonight as you can see all that remains is a few -- are a few discarded lawn signs. analysts say the state gop is in need of a major makeover. >> and after a lot of work there's a big letdown. >> reporter: that's how republican state chair describes how the outcome of last week's election has left republicans feeling. the state's gop suffered a sweeping defeat. not only did mitt romney lose, voters rejected their stance on
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the proposition and democrats won a super majority in the state assembly. >> the republican party has no good news other that once you hit bottom there's only one way to go if you're going to survive. >> reporter: east bay political science professor says things couldn't have been more disastrous for the gop. he says the party needs to do a lot of soul-searching if they want to remain relevant in california and the country. >> the country is diverse. the definition of the diverse. the republican party believe they could continue to rely and there would be enough of those people traditional whites that they could be a viable party. >> reporter: he says not only does the party need to be more inclusive it needs to the move to the middle acknowledging the liberal shift of california voters. >> the republican party needs to figure out how to be the right
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party for california and if they can figure that out, they very well may lead their national party in a better direction. >> reporter: though he acknowledges the gop must do more to broaden its base, but he believes the party's fortunes will turn around. >> there are pendulum swings in politics. the republicans are focused and will have the opportunity to make their case again. >> reporter: again, the state chair of the republican party acknowledges that some changes need to be made, namely making the party more diverse. he says the time for outreach is now. reporting live, i'm jodi. how a man ended up in a trash can of all places. a woman who lives on 10th street
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found the man yesterday morning slouched inside a bin that someone had left in the driveway. she immediately recognized the man as 21-year-old joshua perez, a longtime family friend. he was alive but unresponsive and he later died at the hospital. >> he was a good uncle. he was a good brother to me. he was a good son. he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. >> police are not calling it a homicide but rather a suspicious dea death. investigators and family believe perez had been out drinking with friends saturday night and are looking into whether alcohol and cold weather played a role in his death. there's an youautopsy scheduledr tomorrow. you don't have to be an nfl millionaire to get knocked out of a game with a concussion. it happens even in youth football. the debate is intensifying after three high profile nfl quarterbacks were all knocked out of yesterday's games with concussions. among them was alex smith of the
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49ers. how college, high school and children's sports are dealing with this growing concern. damian? >> reporter: raj, the rules are not so different than those of the pros. you get a concussion, you're out of the game. the trainers and coaches we spoke with today say they take this very seriously. scott says he makes sure that helmets his kids wear in his youth football league are safe. >> every year we take them and get them redone by the manufacturer, get them refurbished. >> reporter: this woman takes care of her son on the football field. >> my son is 11 now. he's been playing since he was 6. the first season i was afraid. as time went on he liked it. i saw how the boys were playing and how they were being trained. >> he teaches us to get hurt the
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least. not your helmet. >> reporter: that's where 49ers quarterback alex smith was hit on sunday, in the head. the coach doesn't know when he'll return after suffering a concussion. woodrow is training so an nfl team can draft him. the former spartan remembers the blurry vision after his concussion as a spartan two years ago. >> i had an instant headache, instant migraine. i instantly grabbed my head and took to the sideline and 30 minutes later they declared it was a concussion. >> reporter: the rules are virtually the same for the pros as they are for college and youth sports when it comes to con can cushions. no player can play again until they get the all clear from a doctor. >> we do baseline testing with all our athletes so when a concussion does happen then we are testing them after that to make sure they get back to their baselines. >> reporter: if they don't hit that baseline, they'll remain on the sidelines. and they take it very seriously
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here at san jose state and, by the way, no word on when alex smith might return to the football field. we're live in south tampa bay. i'm damian trujillo. a case of road rage escalated today. two cars collided in greenwood drive in a neighborhood north of san pablo. the chp says both drivers got out of the car and started arguing and then suddenly one man pulled out a gun and shot the other. that gunman did run off, and was hospitalized but is expect ed t survive. >> the driver who lost control of his car was arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence. this is what the car ended up looking like. it plunged 5 feet onto highway 80 land iing on its roof. the overpass when it crashed through a guardrail. the driver and the 21-year-old passenger are amazingly only suffered minor injuries.
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still trying to figure out why they went so fast over that overpass. california will roll out a historic cap and trade program this week. on wednesday the state will auction off pollution permits with allowances including electric companies and refineries. the program also places a cap on emissions by individual polluters. businesses are required to either cut emissions to the cap levels or buy allowances from other companies for each metric ton of carbon discharged over the cap. some businesses say the extra costs will result in higher electricity rates and job losses. chevron will not boost production for a damaged richmond refinery when it is back on line. "the chronicle" reporting they told regulators it would repair not replace the equipment damaged by the fire in august. because it's not going to boost output, the company won't be required to install the newest clean air technology. the company says it will voluntarily cut air pollution
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emissions and replace about one-third of the facilities p potentially leaked valves and fittings. federal law requires them to install the best pollution technology but only when companies make large scale changes. a group of csu students want graduation instead of tuition hikes to be put on hold. the university wants to charge more fees to students who took too long to graduate, repeat classes and take more than a if full-time load. the fees are to motivate students to get out the door faster. that would impact about 53,000 csu students. the group entitled students for quality education want the hikes to be studied a little further. tomorrow the board of trustees will vote on that issue. homeless, disabled veterans are getting a permanent place to live in san francisco. today was the open house. this building south of market underwent a $30 million makeover with local, state, and federal funds. the nonprofit called swords to plow shares is helping to run it
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featuring 75 studio apartments, each with a kitchen and bathroom. as you can see the building houses counselors, a nurse, cooking, and wellness classes. >> this this is for our vets and it's going to be veteran oriented. there are going to be a lot of other veterans around me. i have my own bathroom and kitchen. it's really exciting. >> here is how it works. the vets pay 30% of whatever their income is. move-in day is expected in the next couple of weeks. and on this veterans day holiday manycallians visited memorials around the state. the park on the grounds of the state capital is home to half a dozen veteran memorials. several statues, gardens and walls on the california veterans who served the country. still ahead at 6:00, a burglary spike in one bay area city. too close to call. the local elections that are still undecided. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. is apple's newest store too
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loud? a former apple executive thinks so. we asked shoppers coming up. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri at the safeway where people are filling up carts with holiday items. we are filling up with these $10 donation bags. how we're making it easier than ever to help your neighbors in need. that plus the seven-day forecast that has rain returning in just a few minutes.
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patients and investors are cheering for a biotech company. skod budman with some positive results. just today a combination of drugs to fight hepatitis c getting good response. the combination made by foster city bay i will yad sciences rendered it undetectable after 12 weeks of therapy, good news for patients.
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potenti potentially good news for gilead's bottom line and shares up 14% today reaching a new all-time high. the daily deals company groupon saw the stock price hit an all-time low. it is rumored to be running out of cash although it claims it has more and a billion dollars in the bank. a billion dollars is probably about what apple just made in the time it took me to read that last story, and much of apple's money is being made inside its brand-new palo alto store. an executive said that very store is also too noisy. outside it's a giant modern glass structure. inside it's a magnet for gadget shoppers eager to test the next ip ipad, iphone or mac book computer. it's the newest apple store in downtown palo alto. busy and profitable but is it also too loud? this blog post claims the new store is too noisy.
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in the blog he says he even measured the decibels with a sound pressure level meter. we reached out to apple which had no comment on the opinion. we also reached out to apple shoppers. >> it is pretty noisy. i don't know what the decibel count is in there. it's noisier than most places. i wouldn't want to spend a long time in there. but it's a beautiful store otherwise. >> it wasn't loud. no, it was normal. >> it seems loud. >> no, no, it's normal. it's lively. >> i thought it was very impressive except for the fact i almost walked through the glass door. it's exciting. it's noisy. >> reporter: as anyone who has ever been inside a mall, it is an exciting noise, the sound of capitalism, but is it enough to turn shoppers away. did it seem loud to you? >> at first, yeah, it was really
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loud. it was kind of scary at first because the alarm went off a few times. i'm not sure why. it was loud. it was a lot of fun, though. >> reporter: whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be slowing sales. that glass and concrete, maybe it doesn't absorb sound as well as others. i've been inside a few times since it's opened. i've also taken my daughters to the mall. the apple store by comparison is very quiet. >> thank you, scott. as we honor our veterans, here is a high-tech way to help american soldiers, it lets you order and send care packages all over the world and it works. david got a cool care package when he was stationed in iraq. when i was deployed it was christmas tree in a cardboard
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box and ingot on the internet, got on line with my wife and kids and i was able to celebrate christmas with them and i put the tree together. >> operation gratitude says almost 900,000 care packages have been sent. one program lets you trade in your smartphone for money to help the troops. the south bay has some catching up to do when it comes to are car-pooling according to a new study that shows the percentage of solo drivers who commute to work. no surprise san francisco county is first with about 37% of its workforce going solo in a car. marin has about 65%. alameda county is close behind also at about 65%. you see there santa clara and so solano are fourth and fifth, more than 76.6% of its drivers driving solo. if you drive drowsy, you may as well drive drunk. that's the message from the chp and the national sleep foundation in their weeklong awareness campaign. they say that after 17 hours of being awake a person's driving
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skills are the same as someone who has a blood alcohol level of 0.05%. pull over for a 15-minute nap if you're tired and schedule breaks every couple of hours on a long trip. you may have an empty seat at the dinner table as drive tim times. you saw this. we showed it to you. 580 on thursday when the outlet mall opened for business. traffic backed up for miles. even today on what is a holiday for schools and businesses, traffic was still heavy on 580. people who live nearby say their commute times have more than doubled on 580. >> it took me 45 minutes extra to get home. it was stop and go. i'm hoping the novelty dies off soon. >> it took me 45 minutes to get
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home when it should take five minutes. >> chp say they along with local police are checking traffic hot spots and could make changes to ease the traffic flow. on the brighter side, increased fender benders related to increased traffic around the mall. this kicks off a big week for us. we are partnering with safeway stores around northern california for a who wiholiday drive. with that said where is jeff ranieri tonight? >> where is jeff ranieri tonight? he's at a safeway, right? >> yes, i'm bagging your groceries tonight. jessica, i got you a bunch of good stuff. i figured i would get started. we're in the safeway across from at&t park helping to kick off the annual holiday food drive with over 600,000 people in the
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bay area that will need some sort of help as we head throughout the holidays. last year raised over half a million dollars and we're looking to top that. joining us with the san francisco giants and it's really a natural partnership not only with safeway but, of course, with nbc bay area as we head into the holidays. >> absolutely we've been partners with safeway for years now and also the san francisco food banks have been a great partner over the years so something that we're more than happy to partner on and help out with. >> we know you are so huge on the community and you're basically encouraging all of those giants fans now that the world series is over you wanted to take some of that spirit, some of that pride, and bring it out to the safeway stores this weekend. >> all of those who came out to the parade and games to come out to the safeway. we're look iing for our fans to come ought and help support this initiative. for $10 you get a bag that has
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all the staples to feed four people. we'd liblg to say we chose $10 for our 2010 world series but now we're trying to save everybody a couple dollars for 2012. it's cheaper than buying a beer at at&t park, some would say. >> thank you so much. shake that hand with that world series ring on. you can see how fantastic that looks. again, we're calling for all the at&t park fans, the san francisco giants to come on down to your safeway this saturday. let's get a look at those temperatures. there's that ring. we had to get that shot in there. plenty of 50s tonight. it is cold up in the north bay. thank you so much. we appreciate it. right now 46 up into the part of in napa and sonoma. we have this cold front moving off to the north and that will break apart. here comes high pressure for a little bit of relief coming our way. it will be mild to warm as we head throughout the next 48 hours. 50s and 60s and then for the
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intri interior valley. let's go a hhead and take anoth look at the day park forecast. temperatures in the 50s. by the bay 60s and inland lots of sunshine and low 70s. you can help by coming out to that safeway store. if you're tuning in it's all about the holiday food drive with nbc bay area this saturday. donate as early as tonight and even after this saturday but you can meet a lot of employees this weekend again on saturday. $10 prepacked bags. let's get the seven-day forecast up here and what you will find is, well, some 70s tuesday and wednesday. get at least a little bit of enjoyment out of that. 60s and 50s coming back by friday, are saturday, sunday and monday and plenty of winter weather. we're back over here at the register. i use ed d to work in a grocery store in high school and college. my friend marguerite behind the register. it's as easy as scanning this bag. are you going to let me hold
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that scanner? am i going to do this? look at this, raj and jess. getting this going. look at that. it works. i still have the magic touch at the old register. $10 for helping to feed the bay area. so you have to come out and do it. >> like president bush years ago. thank you, jeff. jeff in the safeway in san francisco. i'll be in menlo park. >> i'll be at the new one on saturday. it's really nice. a report on california's snowpack. the potential impact in drinking water and our crops. also coming up it could be a dieting dream. the science behind a so-called fat blocking soda. and a milestone for the bay bridge. we'll explain next.
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police are warning residents to be on alert after a string of burglaries in an area east of
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101 around coyote point and 92. police say the majority of the crimes happened during weekday hours. the suspects often knocked on doors. then if no one responded they entered through the homes through unsecured doors and windows or forced their way in. police say obviously locked doors and windows but add extra security such as dogs, alarms and neighborhood watch signs. construction crews putting in a lot of hours along the peninsula. they're going to start working on a $147 million project to raise cal train tracks above crossings. most of that work will be done overnight between 11:00 and 7:00 a.m. the project calls for a new elevated station between san bruno and san mateo. service won't be affected by any of the work, they say. in the shadow of the golden gate but in many ways just as beautiful. happy birthday to the bay bridge, 76 years old today. it opened on november 12, 1936.
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while today's anniversary is a quiet one, there will be a big party for the bay bridge next year when the new eastern span from emeryville to tresh you're island opens. the golden gate is considered the beauty, bay life will get the bay bridge some international attention. the artwork featuring 25,000 l.e.d. lights is set to be unveiled next march. still ahead at 6:00, the voice of sesame street's elmo for decades. tonight startling allegations against him. also, wanted for murder, the investigation involving a former silicon valley visionary. a major milestone for the u.s. oil industry. what it means for you at the gas pumps. and the other other woman. the secret e-mails that uncovered the david petraeus affair. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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now top lawmakers are demanding answers as new details surface in the david petraeus affair. >> who knew what and when. nbc bay area's janelle watching has more in our world tonight. >> reporter: the fbi actually had nope about the affair for months, but under protocol does not have to notify the president especially since it found no criminal wrongdoing or threat to national security. it all started back in may when a close friend of the petraeus family, ll kelley, started receiving threatening anonymous e-mails. the fbi looked into it and discovered they were sent by petraeus' mistress and biographer paula broadwell who felt jealous of this woman. top leaders in washington should have been told, they say. >> to have someone out there in such a sensitive position the fbi thought perhaps could have been compromised or was under the scope, that had to have been brought to the president or the national security council. >> it is very puzzling and i think was a mistake because this thing just came so fast and so
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hard. and since then it's been like peeling an onion every day another peel comes off. >> reporter: eric cantor knew about the eye fair two weeks before president obama was notified but did not bring it up earlier saying he received the information from only one source and he knew the fbi was already investigating. as for the affair, it ended about four months ago. a petraeus spokesperson said it only started after he was appointed to cia chief last year not when he was the commanding general in afghanistan. two weeks after the wrath of superstorm sandy 100,000 people still in the dark mostly on long island. residents there fuming and state lawmakers are putting pressure on the long island power authority. in other parts of the northeast, the majority of schools are reopening and gas rationing has ended. and speaking of gas, the u.s. is on its way to becoming more self-sufficient. a new report today says the u.s. will overtake saudi arabia as
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the world's leading oil producer in five years. experts say it probably won't dramatically change prices but it could prevent huge spikes since we won't be as dependent on other countries for oil. the international energy agency said america's widespread adoption of fracking, hydraulic fracturing, and drilling has made oil reserves much more accessible. overseas the civil war in syria escalating to another dangerous level today. the israeli military fired today at syrian artillery units after stray shells ended up on their side of the border in golan heights. israel doesn't believe it was targeted just spillover from the sill war but warns it will respond. the spillover is happening in turkey, syria's neighbor to the north. the syrian opposition appointed a new leader today to try and topple president al asad's regime. and more fallout after possibly the biggest scandal at the bbc.
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two senior exec it tiffs stepped down after the broadcasting company's top leader resigned. accused of covering up the sex abuse story of a star. the person is believed to have sexually abused children during his 40-year career. the tv station wrongly accused a top politician of child abuse. the broadcasting giant is now facing a major overhaul. jessica? >> thank you very much, janelle. well, the puppetteer who performs as elmo on sesame street is accused of having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. kevin clash says he broke no laws in the relationship between the two consenting adults. sesame workshop says their own investigation cleared kevin clash but they suspended him on internet use. clash is normally behind the scenes as the voice of elmo and the animator but he has
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published his autobiography and was the subject of a documentary last year. his name shines atop the bay area skyline but is wanted for murder in belize. he founded the company that bears his name. he sold that company years ago for millions and retired to the central american country. police there are searching for him after finding his neighbor shot to death sunday. gregory fall was also a u.s. national who retired in belize. the men were at odds and filed a complaint. >> an outspoken member of the board of directors has gotten the boot. lynette sweet is out. her bid for re-election has been derailed. she is being replaced by 25-year-old zachary malay who received his masters in city planning from uc berkeley. he'll take over in district seven. he says he's ready to help drive b.a.r.t. forward.
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>> one of the key priorities i have is realizing traffic relief by relooking at b.a.r.t. extension. no other candidates have that as a priority. >> he is expected to get sworn in next month. tomorrow marks one week since voters headed to the polls. some candidates and campaigns are still awaiting results. nbc bay area's joe rosa it to jr. >> reporter: there was no election night victory party for bob westward. at the same time his campaign wasn't hanging its head in defeat. >> i think there was a lot of anxiety. we were waiting for numbers to come in, waiting for numbers to come in, hitting refresh every two minutes. >> a week after the election the campaign against the measure to ban lying on sidewalks was still hitting the refresh button with
6:36 pm
the election officials still counting ballots, the race remained too close to officially call. >> right now we're winning 51 51.62%, which is fairly substantial given the number of votes i believe to be left. >> reporter: it would rezone west besrkeley to allow for taller buildings was also trailing by just over 400 votes with ballots still being counted. and the suspense continued in san fr san francisco as election workers continued tallying votes in the race for district seven supervisor. >> we're all having to sit on our hands and wait. it's frustrating but the process is what it is. >> reporter: alex turk who ran the campaign for crowley was carefully watching results, putting his guy narrowly behind candidate norman yi. we are, as of today, down by 21 votes. every day that 4:00 report is more and more meaningful. >> reporter: today's 4:00 election update by san francisco election director didn't shed
6:37 pm
much more light. he says yi now holds a 33 vote lead. >> i'm not announcing a winner here. i'm not saying tomorrow or thursday will be the final tabulation. i've got until december 4th. >> reporter: and with 1,500 votes to count and no end in sight, this election may prove the most stressful part of the race started after the last ballot was cast. still ahead at 6:00, we'll tell you about the so-called fat blocking soda. i'm marianne favro. could having the flu or fever during pregnancy put your child at greater risk of developing autism? i'll take a closer look at the newest research coming up. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco helping to kick off the annual safeway holiday food drive. we'll tell you how you can help, plus we'll talk with this young
6:38 pm
man and how he raised a lot of money to help those in need and the executive director of the food bank in just a few minutes.
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one of the most notable landmarks is getting a makeover. this makeover is not about change. it's all about preservation. historic art deco look won't change but the building will be repaired and damage to its famed murals will be fixed. how about that? the tower builder descendent dropped in. the daughter of one of the muralists was interviewed in front of her younger self recalling how her father painted her into that mural.
6:41 pm
>> was course it was an extraordinary time in san francisco, involved in a general strike, that they were fearful and didn't 0 open it right away. so in every way this is san f n francisco history. >> it's been wonderful and it's like getting a little bit of my father back and seeing through his eyes the city and the tower and all. >> great perspective. both women are pleased to see the building which is such a big part of their past will stand safely in the future. well, it is a dire prediction. global warming is shrinking california's snowpack. that headline coming out of a new study that is predicting the sn snowpack will decrease. the lower snowpack could cause several problems, causing the snow to melt too early leading to flooding and rob us of run-off later in the year when crops need irrigation the most. we have a lot coming up. i have to be honest, i forgot
6:42 pm
that you could tie in the nfl. you know what, there are several football players who are on the same page as you, raj. they forgot about a tie. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. also, an update on niners quarterback alex smith who took that shot to the head yesterday. we'll hear from his head coach. plus, big news of the silver and black. they return to the bay after getting beat down by the ravens. it's coach dennis allen in jeopardy of losing his job? a reporter asked him that question today. his response is coming up in sports.
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expecting mothers who get the flu or fever during preg nap si may be more likely to have a child with youautism. >> that's the finding of a new study out today. marianne favro with the research to show us what pregnant women can do to protect their babies, marianne. >> reporter: the big concern was having a fever for seven days while pregnant. researchers say that produced the greatest risk of having a baby with autism. researchers from denmark analyzed data collected from 97,000 mothers. they found children whose mothers had a flu or fever lasting a week had an increased risk of developing youautism. but pediatrician says the new
6:45 pm
research does not offer a specific cause of the developmental disability. >> influenza has been around for centuries. that can not explain the recent increase in the rate of autism that we're finding in the united states. >> reporter: the study showed pregnant women with prolong ed fever had twice the risk of having a child with autism. but at the spes i can autism center for education in santa clara, the executive director cautions the rate was still two in every 100 children, a relatively small rate of autism. >> an alarm for pregnant women because in the event they do fall sick. >> reporter: scientists believe it's part of a large puzzle looking at whether outside factors such as fever caused by inflammation may play a role in causing autism. at the very least it highlights what pregnant women can do to protect their babies. >> the take home message is very clear. go get your flu shot right away
6:46 pm
when you're pregnant. make sure you lower the chances that you will get influenza when you are pregnant. >> reporter: the study found mothers who had a fever during pregnancy but did not take any medication to reduce the fever were were at higher risk of delivering a child that later developed autism. marianne favro, mbs bay area news. thank you for that, marianne. so how does this sound, the soda that fights obese itty? pepsi-cola out of japan is unveiling a fiber infused drink called pepsi special that contains dextrin known as bena-fiber. it will help reduce fat levels in the body. the soda is being targeted to healthy conscious men in their 30s and older. the fat blocking soda will be released in japan tomorrow. >> where in the bay area is jeff ranieri? at the safeway store across from at&t park to tell us about our annual food drive with safeway. that's right. we're kicking it off tonight,
6:47 pm
raj and jessica. a lot of excitement. we've seen a few people pick up these prepackaged bags for just $10 and you get all kinds of good stuff inside including, of course, some stove top turkey stuffing. there's a lot of people that continue to go without again this year. come by this saturday. we're teaming up with the store and you can meet the employees and donate as early as tonight or even for the next couple of weeks. joining us now the executive director of san francisco food bank. paul, the numbers always seem to get worse. how are we doing so far this year? >> the numbers seem staggering how many people in need just in san fr san francisco. 200,000 people living at or near the poverty line. there are many, many people who need our help. since the recession has ended, we sort of have seen the lines stay the same. we still have a lot of people to serve. >> there could be some families this year that have not had to go without before or just are
6:48 pm
having a tough time during the holidays. how can they, you know, look for that help? where should they go? >> they can look at all the counties in the bay area. the food bank website will help people get the help they need and if people want to make a donation or know how to get involved by volunteering. >> all right, paul ash, thank you so much. we want to bring in ryan coulter, his third year joining us. this is a very young entrepreneur. you've done it again this year, growing these pumpkins to help benefit those in need. >> yes, it's been great. eight years and we've raised 21,000 this year. >> phenomenal. >> over 7,000 going to the food bank. >> and real quickly, why is it so important to help those people in need and growing these pumpkins to given the food banks the money they need? >> i have benefits that other 0 people haven't and it's great to somehow help and give out that
6:49 pm
message that anyone can. >> and we hear that you have a special announcement you would like to present paul ash with? >> yes. i wanted to give the $70,000 over to paul. >> that is phenomenal. >> thank you very much. we need people like you who care about their community and do something to help. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, gentlemen so much. that really is just one example of what it can take here in the community, just a little bit of help to make a huge difference. again, from the north bay growing those pumpkins and now donating over $70,000 to the food bank. excuse me, $20,000. i got a little high on those numbers. nonetheless, it's a lot of money. it's not going to be high in those numbers. it's going to be milder out here to the north bay. right now we have 46 up into napa and -- thank you so much,
6:50 pm
guys. mid to upper 40s in the north bay where ryan and his family was out growing those pumpkins to raise money for the families in need. that is fen phenomenal. the 48 hours, high pressure will build in. it will not get hot but mild for the north bay. some sunshine in here. you really want to enjoy tuesday and wednesday, the best days out of the next seven days. we'll find 60s and 70s inland. it'll be dry. we'll have sunshine and then quickly approaching changes in our seven day forecast. throughout the morning hours the coldest numbers in the north bay with 39 in santa rosa. also low 40s in the east bay. 42 in san jose and 43. as far as your daytime highs go, upper 60s and also low 70s. so looking good there to us. now it's all about the prepacked bags at your safeway store. you can do it as early as tonight and we'll be out here with my colleagues, raj mathai, jessica aguirre and myself this
6:51 pm
weekend with many other of our colleagues and correspondents out at the stores to help collect your donations and, again, it's simple. go to nbc bay area to see how you can help. some rain coming in as we head throughout friday, saturday and s sunday. so it's going to be some great weather this weekend to get out to that safeway with those 60s and the rainfall to just grab an extra bag, take more time at the groesh ary store and get it done. i have $10 in my pocket. i'm going to check this one out and make a difference. >> good for you. >> we will see you out it at the safeway this weekend. to sports now. henry is here to explain the tie. >> i'll tell you, it was crazy. jessica, raj, listen closely. the game ended in a tie. alex smith walked off the field with a concussion. you'd better believe the 49ers have some unfinished business to
6:52 pm
address with the st. louis rams. by the way, those teams will clash again on december 2nd in st. louis. so mark your calendars. we do have an update on alex smith's injuries. he was knocked out of the game in the first half yesterday. smith is feeling better but he will need to undergo multiple tests this week before being cleared to return to the field. yesterday was a tough day for quarterbacks. michael vick and jay cutler also suffered concussions. coach harbaugh, he has this on a smith update. >> doing much better. had a good night's sleep last night. symptoms were positive. i don't have a medical degree, so i'm confident in the way the doctors, especially our doctors, you know, their understanding of it and their professional opinion and that's why we rely on. >> so as raj and jessica mention, the 49ers had to settle
6:53 pm
for a tie yesterday with the rams, the first nfl game to end in a draw since 2008. so you can understand why there were still a few people unclear what the overtime rules including the players. in fact, get this, the safety gholston said you have winners and losers. you have to choose one. i've never heard of tying in football. i really didn't. when i saw both teams walking onto the field, yeah, really, i said. where is everybody going? did somebody quit? is this a forfeit? no, it's just a tie. losing is never fun. it's even worse when it's a blow-out. so imagine what the raiders are going through right now. the silver and black were beat down by the baltimore ravens yesterday, 55-20 was the final. the 55 points allowed in baltimore was tied for the most in raiders franchise history. there was plenty of blame to go around. the offense turned it over twice and the special teams allowed two touchdowns.
6:54 pm
leaving dennis allen to answer questions about his own future. >> that outcome was unacceptable and we've got to be better than that. >> the plan of the contract you signed, you're not under a lot of pressure to win. do you feel that pressure to win right now? >> our job is to win. it has nothing to do with contract status or anything like that. our job is to win and that's the only reason why i'm here. >> is anybody on your staff on the bubble? >> nobody's on the bubble. i don't think this is the appropriate time to even comment on that anyway. >> wow. coach allen getting a little bit heated. to basketball now. the l.a. lakers have a new man calling the shots and surprisingly it's not phil jackson. the team agreed to a three-year deal with former suns and knicks coach mike d'antoni to take over as head coach. phil jackson was considered the front-runner after the lakers fired mike brown, but he reportedly wanted too much
6:55 pm
control. all right, that will do it for now with sports. jessica, raj, i want to tell you something. it seemed like dennis allen was a little bit upset. he should talk to me. i can consult with him. people ask me am i on the bubble every night once they see one of my forecasts. >> bubbly not bubble. bubbly. >> okay. >> thanks a lot, henry. >> you've got it. >> for a full half hour sports net central tonight at 10:30.
6:56 pm
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